Dual Degrees, Are They Worth It?

Dual degrees, are they worth it?

The Jindal School of Management’s double MS/MBA degree is a great option to consider when planning to come to graduate school. Specifically, JSOM offers students the opportunity to combine one of 12 different MS degree programs with the MBA. This allows students to earn two graduate degrees at the same time, with the possibility of sharing coursework between the two degrees. With so many options, there truly is something for everyone.

…consider the career advantages gained with that second degree, not to mention the potential time and tuition benefits!

Students often ask if a dual degree is really worth the time, effort and money. Every student’s situation is unique, so we encourage you to get in touch with us to answer this question best for you. But, in general — beyond the potential to share coursework between the two degrees — consider the career advantages gained with that second degree, not to mention the potential time and tuition benefits!

MBA vs. MS

Think of the MBA as a wide river and the MS as a deep river. The MBA covers a large breadth of knowledge across business while the MS programs are targeted to a particular area of business, covering a depth of knowledge. When students look ahead to their next set of career moves, they should consider the skills necessary to successfully navigate into those roles and/or companies. If you find yourself in business school because you want to completely or almost completely change your career, then the breadth of the MBA coupled with the depth of an MS program could be exactly what you need. Not only would it set you apart but it would give you a variety of skills you’ve not yet obtained from previous work experience. If you find yourself in business school because you are looking for a promotion in the field you’ve always been employed in, then adding an MS degree may not do anything particularly groundbreaking for your career.

MBA + STEM degree = ticket to succe$$

Another reason students may decide to add an MS degree, is to benefit from the STEM designation (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics). A STEM degree allows international students an extended amount of OPT time to work here in the US. International job candidates can be in high demand for STEM-related careers with a higher number of sponsorships taking place within companies hiring for STEM positions. Not only will this increase your demand by employers but it will allow for more time to find a job and work in your desired field. We have a variety of MS degrees here in JSOM that are STEM-designated degrees; MS Information Technology and Management, MS Business Analytics, MS Supply Chain Management, MS in Systems Engineering and Management, MS Energy Management, MS Management Science, and newly added to the list is our MS Finance degree. Learn more on JSOM’s STEM Business Degree page.

A dual MBA and MS degree is worth it!

The value in obtaining the dual degree is often best answered after a one-on-one visit to talk through academic and career-related goals. One of my favorite things about what we do is helping students change their lives through education. I always encourage students to explore their career goals with us and the CMC (Career Management Center) to assist them in determining which MBA concentration and/or MS degree is right for them.

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