Diversity in the UT Dallas MBA

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Diversity matters.

Abhijit Biswas leads a classroom of diverse MBA students
Professor Abhijit Biswas leads an MBA class that is characteristically made up of a diverse group of students from different backgrounds.

Diversity is our strength.

The UT Dallas MBA Program is in the heart of a vibrant, global business economy. Therefore, our students must graduate with the tools necessary to operate in multifaceted settings and learn to harness the power of diversity in their business acumen. These tools are not only part of the curriculum; the program’s environment is a hands-on training ground for developing these skills.

Suresh Radhakrishnan

Suresh Radhakrishnan, PhD

Constantine Konstans Distinguished Professor | Professor, Accounting | Director of Research, Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance

An important takeaway from an MBA experience is that there is no one correct answer to a business decision – it depends. As such, to make a business decision, diversity of thought, i.e., arguments from varied perspectives will lead to a more informed and better decision.

Our Diversity, by the Numbers (Fall 2020)


International Full-Time MBAs

35% of our Full-Time MBA students are international.


Countries Represented

125 countries are currently represented by the students in the Jindal School.


Female MBA Students

40% of our MBA students are female.


Underrepresented U.S. Minority Group

13% of our MBA students are from an underrepresented U.S. minority group.

30% / 50%

Female Faculty

Close to 30% of our faculty are female and around 50% are international.


Students with No Business Background

72% of our MBA students do not have a business background.

UT Dallas MBAs in Their Own Words

MBA Graduate Discusses Intentional Diversity

Kate Campbell, MBA ’19, discusses how UT Dallas is intentional about their diversity in the classroom.

Diversity in the Classroom Enriches the MBA Experience

Dan Anderson, MBA ’17, reflects on how diversity in the classroom enriched his student experience and taught him to think differently about some of the business problems he encountered at work.

MBA Graduate Gives Advice to Minority Students

Jeimmy Cesar, MBA ’18, provides advice to minority students considering an MBA.

MBA Student Talks Diversity Within the Cohort

UT Dallas Full-Time MBA Cohort member Hoang Le describes the diversity within the Cohort Program.

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