Double MS/MBA Degree

Jindal School MBA student graduating with their double MS/MBA degrees from UT Dallas

Why stop at one Diploma?

The Naveen Jindal School of Management offers opportunities to graduate students to pursue two programs (MS/MBA or MS/MS) and receive both degree awards simultaneously.

The double degree program provides an opportunity for you to potentially share coursework between the two degrees. To enter a double degree program and take advantage of possible time and tuition benefits, students must apply to and be accepted by both programs.

JSOM graduate students who have already finished or are finishing their first graduate program can also apply for the second degree program to capitalize on these potential competitive, time and tuition advantages.

Double Degree Program Advantages

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Pursuing a double MS/MBA positions you to:

  • become more competitive in the job market,
  • add depth to your skill sets,
  • enjoy potential time and tuition benefits during your time as a student.

Please contact the JSOM advising office for more information about the double degrees and requirements.

MS/MBA Double Degree Requirements

Students complete either their MS degree or MBA degree first depending on which MBA program they desire to be enrolled in. Full-Time MBA Cohort programs require students to complete their MBA first and then the MS, whereas students in the Professional MBA Flex program complete the 36 semester credit hours for the master’s program and then begin to accumulate the remaining required core hours for the MBA. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in the core courses and cumulative, for both degrees, to qualify for one or the other or both degrees. The MS/MBA students must complete both programs at the same time to be awarded both degrees.

Students interested in combining the Full-Time MBA Cohort or Professional MBA Evening Cohort program with an MS Degree will not apply to the MS Program until they are already admitted to the MBA Program. These candidates are encouraged to contact the MBA Programs Office for more information on the process as it differs from the general requirements for this combined degree program.

Double Degree Master of Science Options:

Combined MD/MBA Program

Through a partnership with UT Southwestern, current medical students are able to leave medical school for one year to complete their MBA degree through our Full-Time MBA Program. After graduating with their MBA, they will return to UT Southwestern to finish medical school. These students follow a modified degree plan which allows for graduation in three semesters. Current medical students interested in this program are encouraged to contact the MBA Program Office for more information and application instructions.

Note: “SCH” indicates Semester Credit Hours

Course title SCH
ACCT 6301 Financial Accounting 3
MECO 6303 Business Economics 3
OPRE 6301 Statistics and Data Analysis 3
MKT 6301 Marketing Management 3
FIN 6301 Financial Management 3
IMS 6304 IMS Req.* International Business Management 3
Total credits 18
Spring **
Course title Credits
ACCT 6202 Intro to Managerial Accounting 2
OPRE 6302 Operations Management 3
OB 6301 Organizational Behavior 3
MIS 6313 Managing IT for the Analytics Age 3
JSOM 63XX Electives 9
Total credits 20
Summer *
Course title Credits
BPS 6310 Strategic Management 3
JSOM 63XX Electives 12
Total credits 15

* Students have the option to take IMS 6304, 6310, 6360, or 6365 to satisfy this requirement.
** Spring/Summer courses are tentative and subject to change.


Eight of our master’s programs are STEM designated and can be combined with an MBA. Tackling two degrees at once provides a number of advantages including the possibility of sharing coursework between both degrees and the potential to save tuition and time. By considering this option, a student will be eligible for 3 years of (OPT) Optional Practical Training after graduation.

Full-Time Student or Working Professional?

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